Top agent no longer on speaking terms with Barcelona President Joan Laporta – consequences for transfer window

Barcelona President Joan Laporta surprised many by keeping Xavi Hernandez on as manager of the club for the final year of his contract. While the coach himself had to perform a U-turn, the reporting was that Laporta also had go back on his word to the Barcelona board in order to confirm his continuity. It caught many off guard, not least agent Pini Zahavi.

The super-agent was hired by German coach Hansi Flick, who was one of the candidates to replace Xavi, and reportedly had a meeting scheduled with the club in order to discuss the position, as one of the most probable options.

After Laporta made the call without consulting Zahavi, the 80-year-old flew into a rage with the President of Barcelona, and has not responded to any of his WhatsApp messages since, explain Bar Canaletes. The chief consequence is that any hope that Barcelona had of moving 35-year-old forward Robert Lewandowski on this summer, one of the highest earners in the squad, has evaporated – something that will not ease their salary limit struggles.

Lewandowski told BILD (via MD) over the weekend that he would not be leaving Barcelona, but the absence of any help from his agent Zahavi may well close the matter for Barcelona.

“Leaving Barca this summer is definitely not possible for me, it is not a topic up for discussion. I feel good physically and from today, this will be the case for at least two more years. When I am no longer physically at a high level, then I will think about it.”

This couples with reports from Bar Canaletes earlier in the season that Lewandowski’s partner Anna Lewnadowska, is planning on opening a gym in Barcelona this September, and the family are also building their own mansion on the outskirts of the city, moves which further indicate their intentions.

Whether Lewandowski’s exit is the right thing for Barcelona on the pitch or not, it does likely mean sacrifices elsewhere for a veteran player that statistically at least is on the decline – albeit the form of the team has plenty to do with that too. It looks as if Barcelona will be paying top money for their number nine whether they like it or not, and the intention to loan out Vitor Roque could well be a consequence.

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