‘Those are the things’ – Thierry Henry explains how Haaland can get better

When Thierry Henry visited Monday Night Football last night, the Premier League great gave Manchester City striker Erling Haaland some pointers on a particular aspect of his game.

Despite missing a part of the season due to injuries, Haaland has had another successful year.

With 28 goals in 31 games, the Norwegian sensation has been a major contributor to City’s continued success at the top of the Premier League.

Compared to previous season, he hasn’t been quite as productive and has blown some excellent opportunities. It was quite remarkable, the miss against United, before he scored late. Haaland, though, is still a significant danger in front of goal.

Thierry Henry does see one area where Haaland might yet become better.

After examining Haaland’s skills, the illustrious former striker believes there is still one area in which he can still grow.

He said on Sky Sports: “If you don’t have anyone shielding that pass to you, so the two holding midfielders are in front of the two centre-backs. If not, they get killed. But that’s how ten Hag sees it. He sends them to mark the two 10s or the two eights. For me, if I’m a nine, that’s amazing. That ball can come to you with no one shielding it.”

“When that ball comes, Jonny Evans reads when Rodri is going to play that ball. Not Haaland. Those are the things that I think he can get better at. We’re not talking about him scoring because he is second to none.

“By losing that ball, you end up almost conceding a goal.

“Same thing here. There is a ball for City, he goes into between the two centre-backs. Evans has an eye on Stones because that’s not normal for him to be there. So he’s going to go. Once you (Haaland) see that, you make a run. You mentioned before, we mentioned Drogba, Viduka. If that ball came to Viduka he would have let that ball bounce and I remember that goal he scored against you guys and he turned and scored the other way.

“Those are the opportunities at times that Haaland doesn’t show.”

When someone like Henry gives you an advise, you have to listen. Haaland has been great since joining City and his numbers show that, but there are still moments when he makes mistakes and you wonder how a player of his quality can come up with that.

He has raised his standards high and you judge him all the time on those standards.

Henry claims that Haaland is the best goal scorer in the league, though, he essentially believes the former Borussia Dortmund player should still make greater use of the space surrounding him.

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