Thomas Tuchel compares main differences between English and German football

Thomas Tuchel took over as head coach of Bayern Munich last spring after a challenging start at Chelsea, where he had previously won the Champions League in his initial season. Having had recent experience with both leagues, the German manager shared his thoughts on the differences between football in England and Germany.

“Mentally, physically and psychologically, it’s at the highest level [the Premier League]. That isn’t necessarily an advantage for the English teams, however, because playing in that competition is extremely stressful and then they also have to play in Europe. That’s why the teams are expanding. The squads are getting larger, and they rotate a lot more than they did a few years ago,” as captured by @iMiaSanMia

While Bayern is accustomed to the demanding nature of a season-long campaign across multiple competitions, Tuchel’s experience at Chelsea highlighted the importance of pacing themselves, using player rotation at the best opportunities.

Recent developments, such as the utilisation of deep rosters and regular player rotation, have allowed English Premier League (EPL) teams to better manage player workloads, thanks to their financial resources. Tuchel believes this has also brought about a shift in playing style, possibly offering a glimpse into his vision for Bayern’s future.

“Since they have started doing that (rotation), however, the English teams have become very competitive. There has been a trend towards robustness.”

Tuchel singled out Rodri being a prime example due to his physical style of play in the Manchester City midfield.

Having already beaten Manchester United at the Allianz, they get the chance to do the double over Erik ten Hag’s team at Old Trafford. Bayern will likely have to get a few wins against English teams under their belt if they are to go all the way in the Champions League this season.

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