The Trash Talk Between Paddy Pimblett & Bobby Green Has Already Begun


  • Paddy Pimblett vs Bobby Green fight on July 27 at UFC 304 but a war of words has already begun.
  • Pimblett called Green a load of regional UK names that his American opponent likely wouldn’t understand, or care about.
  • Regardless, if the build-up accelerates and they deliver in the ring, this has Fight of the Night written all over it.

Getting to fight UFC star Paddy Pimblett has been like winning a lottery for lower-ranked lightweights, as the brash British mixed martial artist brings with him a large audience because of his confidence and personality. Now, the UFC has already found the next opponent for “The Baddy” and it’s Bobby “King” Green who is coming off a dominant performance against Jim Miller at UFC 300.

Though the two won’t fight until UFC 304 which takes place July 27 in Manchester, England, the bad blood is already simmering. Such is the rivalry that is building between Pimblett and Green, we could see a Fight of the Night contender to kick off the main card, before Tom Aspinall defends his UFC interim heavyweight title against Curtis Blaydes, and Leon Edwards puts his UFC welterweight championship on the line against Belal Muhammad.

Paddy Pimblett vs Bobby Green

This has Fight of the Night potential written all over it

paddy pimblett

While the lead up to this fight will be pure entertainment with quotes for the ages, these men are two very competent martial artists with contrasting stylistic abilities. Pimblett is a wet blanket if he ends up on top of a grounded opponent, while Green is a slick striker who welcomes a boxing match.

Before the fists are flying and joints are mangled, there’s a war that’s already underway — a verbal one. When Green joined Ariel Helwani this week, he did not hold back:

“[Paddy] don’t run s*** … the show’s gonna run how they want it to run. And look how he’s talking, he’s talking like a spoiled brat. Paddy just said my name and so that’s what’s personal for me. I just want to get you because you thought you could say my name ‘I want to fight Bobby Green’. You think you could get off on me. Nah, I’m gonna show you this a bad idea.”

It Did Not Take Long For ‘The Baddy’ to Respond

Pimblett trash-talked Green in Tyson Fury-esque manner, by calling his opponent a ‘sausage’

Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett

Pimblett responded to Green when he recently joined The Mac Life, and called him a lot of names that are regional to Liverpool, that his American opponent likely wouldn’t understand — or care about — including “bellend”, “weapon”, and “sausage.”

“Bobby Green is just a bellend. He’s a proper tool. He’s a proper weapon. He is. The funniest [thing] he says, ‘He mentioned me.’ I didn’t mention you! You mentioned me first. So then I mentioned you, you little sausage. He’s just a proper tool. I think he’s a proper s*** human being. He’s a proper w*****. Saying that I mentioned him first, he’s just lying. Why would I mention you? Why would I mention Bobby Green?”

The trash talk has likely only just begun, and will get more heated as we get closer to UFC 304 — a fan-favorite card, which airs as a pay-per-view both in the UK, and in the US, which is a testament to how far the UK MMA scene has come in a short space of time.

Other notable bouts on the card include:

  • Leon Edwards vs Belal Muhammad — welterweight title
  • Tom Aspinall vs Curtis Blaydes — heavyweight interim title
  • Bobby Green vs Paddy Pimblett — lightweight
  • Arnold Allane vs Giga Chikadze — featherweight
  • Nathaniel Wood vs Daniel Pineda — featherweight

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