Surprise man tipped for interim job if David Moyes is sacked

Mark Noble has been tipped to replace David Moyes should he be sacked by West Ham. 

In a Q&A with Football London, journalist Jonty Colman was asked whether Noble would be an adequate replacement for Moyes in an interim role as manager.

Noble has no managerial experience after only retiring a few months ago, and Colman certainly believes it wouldn’t be a good idea.

“That would seem to be more harm than good. Mark Noble was announced to be the club’s new sporting director in September to start in January, giving him the best part of four months to prepare for the role. Taking him out of that mid-prep to take a manager role in the Premier League, even short-term, would only detriment the work he is putting in for his new role. I don’t think Moyes will be getting sacked, so it’s not something to worry about for now,” said Colman.

Noble has an excellent relationship with the West Ham fans, so to potentially tarnish that due to his lack of experience if he took the manager’s role wouldn’t make sense.

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