Paul Pogba: “I’m not finished, Pogba is here”

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed that he isn’t ‘finished’ and he is still looking to make a comeback into the game.

The Bianconeri player was banned from the game for having tested positive for doping and it remains to be seen if he appeals against the ban, with Juve seemingly set to terminate his contract on the grounds of the positive test. It seemed likely that his career was over, but he has now publicly stated otherwise.

He was in the stands to watch Belgium’s Round of 16 game against France and he spoke about the tie. He told Sky Italia: “I am very happy to feel the love of the people, today I came to see the France match, I saw the fans, I felt a great love, this made me very happy because I have been away from the fields for a while, hearing people chant my name, it is nice.”

He was also asked about his future, the potential appeal and about the old interview that went viral which had him saying that ‘Pogba is finished’. He responded:

“If you haven’t seen an interview of mine where I say I’m retiring, it means it’s not like that, because I still feel like a footballer. I want to fight this, for me, injustice. An interview came out, I don’t know if you’ve seen it all, they put something that… I hadn’t finished speaking. Pogba is not finished, Pogba is here and until you see me say I’m finished, don’t worry. I have an incredible desire to come back , I feel like a child who wants to be a professional. I train, I do everything I can to get back on the pitch.”

Pogba’s future remains quite uncertain and it isn’t known whether he would play again and he spoke about his situation with Juve too, saying:

“From the latest news I am still a Juve player, I have a contract but I have not had the opportunity to speak with the director and coach… there is silence. I think they are waiting for the outcome of the appeal but you have to ask them.”





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