“Nobody can compete with City”

Football is broken and everybody within the sport knows this but the introduction of state-owned clubs into the modern game has exacerbated the problem.

Apart from Italy of late, the same teams win Europe’s top five leagues all the time, whilst it is the same clubs competing for the Champions League year after year.

The financial gap between the superclubs and the tier under that is massive and clubs trying to break into that need to spend huge amounts of money just to get close – Aston Villa being an example.

Stories such as Leicester winning the Premier League and Porto winning the Champions League grow ever rarer and we are now getting to a stage where the state-owned clubs have the potential to completely take over.

This seems to be worrying Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp as England has two of these clubs in Manchester City and Newcastle – although the latter is not technically state-owned but the links are clear to see.

Yesterday, the Reds boss stated that Liverpool cannot compete with Man City financially and also brought Newcastle into the conversation.

Jurgen Klopp speaks about state-owned clubs in England

“Nobody can compete with City,” Klopp said during his press conference yesterday.

“You have the best team in the world and you put in the best striker on the market. No matter what it costs.

“Liverpool can not act like them. It is not possible, not possible.

“There are three clubs in world football that can do what they want, financially.

“I heard now Newcastle, whatever was said, that there is no ceiling for this club. Yeah, he is right, he is absolutely right; there is no ceiling for Newcastle, congratulations, some other clubs have ceilings.”



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