Nico Williams asked referee to stop play after being a victim of racism once again

Athletic de Bilbao player Nico Williams once again has been a victim of racism, this time in Madrid versus Atletico. His team was down 1-0 when he was about to take a corner kick when it all happened, and he tried to get referee Juan Martinez to stop play after he alerted officials about the alleged chanting.

“I have gone to take a corner and I have heard monkey sounds,” he said after the game. “There are stupid people everywhere, but nothing happens, we have to keep working.”

This is not the first time Nico Williams, or other players have suffered from racial abuse from fans in LaLiga. In the past, some players like former Barcelona star Samuel Eto?o refused to play after listening to the crowds chants and there has been times where bananas have been thrown to the field.

“I hope this changes little by little because in the end we are fighting internally and externally against this,” Williams added. Atletico players Antoine Griezmann and Jose Maria Gimenez urged the home fans to stop the chants before, something that happened moments after.

Nico Williams rises up against adversity

After the incident, Nico Williams scored what at that moment was the tying goal and the only one for his team in the 3-1 defeat at Cvitas Metropolitano Stadium, a bittersweet feeling for him. “It comes with a bit of anger, it is not normal that they still insult you because of your skin tone,” he said when asked about the goal.

Atletico de Madrid wrote on social media “against any act of racism or hatred” and La Liga also pronounced itself against the incident on a statement that said “there is no place for racist or hateful behavior in sports. LaLiga vehemently condemns any racist acts and will continue working to eradicate this inexcusable behavior from our sport.”

Nico Williams is one of the tops prospects in European football, he is only 21 years old, and he could be in the market soon to try in reinforce a top club in the continent.

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