Max Allegri nearly ‘came to blows’ with journalist after Juventus’ Coppa Italia win

Juventus manager Max Allegri led to Juventus side to the Coppa Italia crown yesterday but the Italian nearly came to blows with a journalist after the game.

At the end of the tie, which was decided by an early Dusan Vlahovic goal, Allegri was fuming at the officials and he was sent off by the referee, leading to him being angrier and he left the game early, taking his coat off and a video showed he also seemed angry at many others while going down the tunnel.

La Repubblica (via TMW) state that an alleged controversy took place between Allegri and Juve sporting director Cristiano Guintoli, which is something Allegri denied. Later though, Allegri was also involved in a clash with journalists and the situation risked coming to blows.

Allegri told journalists at the Olimpico that: ‘you haven’t told the truth for a year and you all knew it’ and then, he nearly came to blows with a specific journalist as well. The Italian was asked about the incident in the post-game press conference but he prefered to deflect the topic and spoke about the club’s win.



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