Martin Keown expresses safety concerns at West Ham’s London Stadium

Former Arsenal player turned pundit Martin Keown has raised safety concerns related to attending games at West Ham United’s London Stadium.

Speaking on talkSPORT, Keown revealed that he assesses stadiums before deciding whether to attend matches and expressed unease about the atmosphere at the London Stadium.

He stated that while most fans are respectful, there are occasional incidents, particularly when alcohol is involved, that can lead to trouble.

Keown emphasised that he avoids situations where he might not feel safe and currently refrains from co-commentary due to concerns about his safety when traveling to certain stadiums.

He also praised the respectful atmosphere at other football grounds, including Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, and the Etihad Stadium, where he has experienced more positive interactions with fans.

Keown said:

“Generally, people show you a great deal of respect but occasionally when drink has been had and the wrong groups are together, you can be in trouble.

“I would advise people not to get into those situations, I don’t do co-comms at the moment because I can’t be sure I am going to get there safely. I am not certain that I can get there, if I assess it and think that is not a good place to go, I won’t go.”

“I’ve had the odd incident, but I must say people now, particularly at Old Trafford, most people are very respectful.

“Not so much, maybe, if I go to the London Stadium where people have tried to insult you. Stamford Bridge, amazing. Really respectful. The same at the Etihad.”

His comments came after the shocking incident following the Arsenal vs Manchester United game where a fan allegedly headbutted Roy Keane.

Footage was posted on social media of Micah Richards pinning the suspect against the wall after the alleged assault. He has since then been arrested.

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