Lyon slam West Ham’s ‘incomprehensible behaviour’ after Saïd Benrahma move collapses

Olympique Lyonnais have explained in an official communiqué the reason why the expected Saïd Benrahma (28) deal with West Ham United has failed to materialise.

The two clubs had signed a temporary transfer agreement, and Lyon had obtained approval from the DNCG to allow for the transfer to commence. 

The club then state that it had entered all the administrative data needed to progress with the transfer onto FIFA’s dedicated platform, the Transfer Management System (TMS). However, they claim that West Ham failed to do the same, “despite the repeated reminders… and continuous mutual telephone communication.

Lyon complain of a ‘profound lack of respect’ from West Ham

Lyon go on to explain that West Ham’s actions during this part of the transfer meant that the deal between the two clubs could not be finalised. Adding, “in the absence of this reciprocal action on the part of the English club and following this incomprehensible behaviour, which raises questions, the international transfer certificate could not be requested before closing time.

The club continue their statement, “Lyon deeply regret this situation and this decision, which demonstrates a profound lack of respect on the part of West Ham towards the institution and the player.” 

Lyon will be looking at their options going forward and warn that “the club reserves the right to undertake all appropriate procedures necessary to validate the transaction at a later date, and to hold West Ham responsible if necessary.

After what looked like the end of the Benrahma transfer saga, this latest twist in the story shows that there are still many more chapters remaining before we will come close to reaching the promised conclusion. 

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