Luis Enrique opines on sex as a footballer – ‘My wife and I… We did what we had to do’

Luis Enrique has set out to connect with Spain fans and enjoy himself with his Twitch streams, and he certainly seems to be achieving that.

Speaking on his Thursday night stream, after having a day’s break following Spain’s victory over Costa Rica, ‘Lucho’ was back in front of the camera.

He spoke about Costa Rica being better than they had showed on Wednesday and how it was almost the perfect game from Spain, save for a few incorrect decisions.

Perhaps the most entertaining question of the night came towards the end, Luis Enrique was asked whether he subscribed to the theory that players should avoid sex before games.

“Here we are in camp. You can’t. It’s a massive nonsense in general though.”

“Obviously, if you have a crazy party the day before a game, it’s not the best, but within the boundaries of common sense.”

“Everyone with their girlfriend, with their wife, or whomever they want.”

“Here at the national team no, because we are in a camp. When they are with their clubs, players sleep at home. If they have sex, it doesn’t worry me, if they need it, if it does them good, zero worries. I am favour of the players living their lives as normally as possible.”

“I consider it important. I as a player, well… when we could, my wife and I… Well we did what he had to do.”

Following Spain’s rout of Costa Rica, Luis Enrique continues to put a smile on the face of most fans.


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