Liga F strike set to be called off as pre-agreement reached on new pay structure

The 2023-24 Liga F season was supposed to get underway last weekend, but the start of the campaign was delayed as the league’s players began a two-week strike over the current pay structure setup, which many deemed to be insignificant.

Player unions rejected Liga F’s final proposal, which meant that strike went ahead. However, it is not set to be called off after one week, meaning that the season can begin this weekend, much to the delight of players and supporters alike.

This is because a pre-agreement has been reached between player unions and Liga F over a new pay structure, as reported by MD. A minimum salary threshold will be set at €21k for the 2023-24 season, with an option for this to reach €23k. For 2024-24, it will be set at €22.5k with an option to reach €25k. For 2025-26, it will be €23.5k with an option to reach €28k.

It is extremely positive that an agreement has been reached between all parties. Women’s football is on such a high at the moment due to Spain’s recent success at the 2023 World Cup, and there are sure to be plenty of new fans tuning into Liga F as a result.

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