Klopp’s legacy is extraordinary says Romano

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To be honest, no words I say will do justice for Klopp at Liverpool. He’s been just extraordinary, a living legend for the club. The level of appreciation from every single player is the best way to understand how special he’s been and he will be missed.

Why? Because Laporta was really furious with Xavi for several reasons, but two reasons above all. The first is that the president was not expecting Xavi to go public in the pre-match press conference and say that it’s really difficult to do important things in this moment, because of the financial situation at the club. Laporta was always expecting Xavi to support the club and to keep things private.

Secondly, Laporta and other people at the club didn’t appreciate Xavi saying that the original plan was to bring Vitor Roque to the club in the summer rather than in January. That it was Xavi who wanted to do the deal earlier.

And now, Vitor Roque’s representatives are also angry at the lack of game time and how Xavi is handling that situation. Barcelona trust the player because they invested €31m guaranteed and more than €30m more in potential add-ons.

This is a really, really complicated situation at the club, and so let me say that there is a chance that Xavi and Barça will part ways.

Laporta and Xavi will speak to each other soon and we will understand what’s gonna happen. The situation is really tense between them. Laporta isn’t happy, but he hasn’t informed Xavi of any imminent decision yet. This is why their conversation will be crucial to understand Xavi’s future.

Let’s see how it’s going to develop in the next hours.

Meanwhile, Juventus have sacked Massimiliano Allegri for his behaviour during and after the Coppa Italia Final against Atalanta. He will therefore be available this summer.

Allegri allegedly had a verbal fight with a journalist and the Bianconeri released a statement on Friday.

There have been suggestions of legal action because of this, but guys I have zero clue of what’s happening about threats, being prosecuted… this is legal stuff, I have zero idea really.

What I know on football side is that Juve were really furious with that behaviour by Allegri and this was a key reason to part ways immediately. In any case Allegri was going to be sacked in June. No doubts.

Juventus want Thiago Motta and are in advanced talks with him. The club have sent him a contract proposal for a three-year deal after his incredible job to get Bologna into the Champions League.

So, congratulations to Thiago Motta, and he now has to decide whether he wants to continue at Bologna and play Champions League football there or if he wants to move on and join Juventus and take advantage of this big opportunity.

Thomas Tuchel has gone public and confirmed that he had negotiations and talks with Bayern regarding his power in the summer transfer window. For both to decide together on specific positions and which players can be brought in.

He wanted the full support of the supervisory board, including Rummenigge, because he didn’t want to have any internal problems – and then he also wanted a contract extension.

So, three crucial factors.

However, they couldn’t reach an agreement so Tuchel is leaving Bayern with immediate effect, and from what I’m hearing he is open to working again immediately this summer.

Tuchel is open to working in any country, especially England as he’d love to return to the Premier League. At the moment it’s still quiet, but let’s see if he will find the right opportunity. Bayern will now discuss new candidates internally.

He just wants some changes in the squad this summer and it will happen, but he’s not in a difficult relationship with the club… he just wants to build a winning mentality.

Nothing negative at all.

I’m not aware of anything else in this moment, so let’s see if English clubs will enter the race.

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