Juventus-bound Khéphren Thuram not to take part in Olympics in huge blow to Thierry Henry’s France national team

OGC Nice midfielder Khéphren Thuram (23) won’t take part in the Paris Olympics football tournament with Thierry Henry’s national France team, the former Arsenal legend has revealed today in a press conference transcribed by L’Equipe. The younger brother of Marcus Thuram is set to follow in the footsteps of his father, Lilian Thuram, and sign for Juventus in the coming hours. However, the Serie A giants have refused to allow Khéphren Thuram to take part in the Olympics with Les Bleus.

Thierry Henry had until midnight this Wednesday to communicate the definitive 18-player squad. “I can tell you this, a player has left, Khéphren Thuram“, said a visibly annoyed Thierry Henry. “This is why we had to wait until the last moment because I got the call I had told you many times this very morning. The club where he is expected to go oppose him coming with us.

The former Arsenal legend added that the absence of Khéphren Thuram was a “very huge blow” given what the OGC Nice midfielder represents in the squad and on the way France play. “We can’t allow to find ourselves in a situation where you put a player’s name on a list and knowing it won’t be allowed. It’s not ideal, but we have to deal with it.

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