Journalist claims Daniel Levy is having a tough time managing things behind the scenes

According to journalist Matt Law, Daniel Levy is having a tough time managing things behind the scenes following the recent setbacks.

Tottenham are having a horrid 2023 with the club going through problems on and off the pitch.

Their performances have been inconsistent and their form has declined which has seen them get knocked out from all the competitions. Their now former manager Antonio Conte came out and publicly criticised the players and the owners which ultimately led to him being sacked.

And most recently, club director Fabio Paratici has stepped back from his role amidst the ongoing financial scandal which has seen him and other Juventus officials get banned globally.

Levy has also yet to sort out Harry Kane’s contract whose future is up in the air with the striker not yet committing to a new contract amid interest from Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

The fans are getting frustrated as calls for him and John Lewis to leave the club become more vocal.

It is now reported that Levy is being stretched out by all of the behind the scenes issues.

Speaking on Matt Hayes’ YouTube channel, journalist Matt Law said (14:00-):

“Look, in terms of him isolating himself. There’s been a massive change of heads of department over the last two years and going back from that, and it feels like he has less and less experienced people to lean on in these situations and to take charge of different departments and things.

“And I’ve had it said to me, that his he’s stretched all over the place because of this and he’s listening to so many different voices and the decision-making has become muddled. Now that’s just what’s been said to me.”

It remains to be seen how Tottenham will respond to these challenges, but it is clear that the club needs to address the issues both on and off the pitch.

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