Jose Mourinho blames ‘Mr Levy club’ for lack of feeling towards Tottenham

Current Roma boss, Jose Mourinho, has been outspoken ever since that legendary Chelsea press conference when he announced he was the ‘Special One.’

The Portuguese had the managerial credentials to back up his bravado, and has been successful wherever he’s managed with the possible exception of Tottenham Hotspur.

Indeed, Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy, sacked him and thus denied him the chance of being able to end the north Londoner’s trophy drought at Wembley in the 2021 Carabao Cup final.

Mourinho’s time at White Hart Lane is arguably the only blot on a very impressive copy book, and he only has one man to blame for what he says is the lack of connection he feels towards one of his former employers; Daniel Levy.

White Hart Lane

“The reality is, and I hope the Tottenham fans don’t get me wrong, but the only club in my career where I don’t still have a deep feeling is Tottenham,” he said in a recent press conference, cited by talkSPORT.

“Probably because the stadium was empty in COVID times, probably because Mr. Levy didn’t let me win a final and win a trophy, but it’s the only one.

“After that, Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid, Manchester United, all the clubs I feel a connection with.

“People might say ‘you cannot love every club’ but yes I love every club because I always felt it the other way around, that they love me.

“With Roma, one day it will be hard [to leave], but we will be connected, like I am with all my other clubs, apart from Mr. Levy club.”

It’s hard to argue with Mourinho’s sentiments too. Another born winner, Antonio Conte, came to the club after the fiasco of appointing Nuno Espirito Santo, and he too was unable to awaken the sleeping giant from White Hart Lane.

They can’t all be wrong, and whomever is appointed next by Daniel Levy has to be allowed the autonomy that was denied his predecessors.

If not, a situation which seems somewhat unbearable to many Spurs fans will just be allowed to fester and success will seem as distant a prospect as it has been for the last 15 years.

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