Inter’s Francesco Acerbi under investigation for showing middle finger to Roma fans

Inter defender Francesco Acerbi is currently under investigation for how having shown a middle finger to Roma fans yesterday in the Serie A.

Acerbi had scored Inter’s first of four goals in the club’s 4-2 win over Roma, as the Giallorossi fans had abused the defender, who had as a result shown them a middle finger. It was initially expected that Acerbi would not face any sanctions but things could now change.

La Gazzetta dello Sport state that Acerbi’s action has not gone unnoticed. His act of showing the middle finger was caught on the cameras and it has landed on prosecutor Giuseppe Chine’s table for investigation. The ex- Lazio defender’s case and point of view will be heard in the next few days.

As of now, it seems likely that he could get a plea deal that would only result in a fine. If not, he could be handed a disqualification or suspension from playing for some games.




Kaustubh Pandey | GIFN

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