“He’s not a leader” – Bein Sports pundits slam Bruno Fernandes claiming he got booked on purpose to avoid Anfield game

Manchester United suffered an embarrassing 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford at the hands of Bournemouth earlier today. 

The Cherries took the lead in the 5th minute thanks to former Liverpool striker Dominic Solanke.

And they scored two more late in the second half. The second goal came from a devastating counter attack  led by Solanke and finished off by Billing.

And minutes later they had scored again with Marcos Senesi scoring a free-header from a corner.

In the 84th minute of the game, a frustrated Bruno Fernandes picked up a yellow card for moaning at the referee.

United fans were left disappointed by their captain for stupidly ending up on the book which will see him out of the game against Liverpool next week.

And Bein Sports pundits Richard Keys and Andy Gray have brutally slammed the United captain suggesting that he picked up a yellow on purpose to avoid another embarrassment at Anfield.

Andy Gray when asked if the player got booked on purpose said:

“His memory of Anfield last season is not very good. He had a dreadful time at Anfield last season, dreadful time.”

“Now if you ask me, did the captain of Manchester United, knowingly, with 7 minutes left, get himself booked so he’d be unavailable for his team and his fans at Anfield next week. I hope not. I hope not. I would be horrified if a footballer did that.”

Richard Keys when asked the same question responded saying:

“I think he knows next week could be a bad day out for them. I think if we are all agreed that he knew that if he got booked he would miss the (Liverpool) game, then i can’t think of any other scenario whereby I could allow him the room a maneuver on that and say that it was a heated moment. It wasn’t!

“I think he knew he gets booked and I think he knows he’s missing the game and that for me sums him up. He’s not a captain, he’s not a leader. His position has been questioned by proper Manchester United captains like Roy Keane all season.”

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool beat them 7-0 at home last season and the Portuguese midfielder was a frustrating figure all game.

Which is why it will not be a surprise if Richard Keys and Andy Gray have a point with their claims.

Their next two games are against Bayern Munich and Liverpool – a tough week that can decide the fate of Erik ten Hag.

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