Henderson unveils player that surprised him the most at Liverpool

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has been at the Merseyside club for nearly 12 years and has seen some incredible players come through the door at Anfield but the midfielder has revealed the one that has surprised him the most. 

When asked the question, ‘which player has surprised you the most’, Henderson answered: “There will be a lot of them.

“Over the time that I’ve been here, there have been a few. But the most recent one I’ll give you because it’s more fresh in my mind would probably be Luis Diaz.

“How he adapted so quickly to the way we wanted to play, the speed of the Premier League everything like that, that a lot of people speak about normally when new signings come from abroad, really impressed us.”

Diaz signed for Liverpool in January and has already become a fan favourite of the Anfield faithful. The Colombian adapted in no time and up until his injury this season, the winger was the Reds’ best player, therefore, it is no surprise that Henderson picked the 25-year-old.

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