Girona manager Michel Sanchez on Aleix Garcia-Barcelona comments – ‘It brought us together’

Girona surpassed the 40-point mark, generally considered the number needed to stave off relegation, in spectacular fashion Sunday night by thrashing Catalan neighbours Barcelona 4-2 on Sunday night. Manager Michel Sanchez was delighted after the match, claiming that all football fans will have enjoyed Girona’s performance.

“We are safe, with 41 points we have reached the number much sooner than we thought. The entire province will be happy because we have made history and we are not going to forget it. Our heart has been key to having the ability to make the team run backwards. I am very happy because entering another dimension was exactly this. We are prepared to fight to be at the top.”

“I am happy with the performance, although I don’t know if we will be able to keep up with the rhythm of Barca and Real Madrid for an entire season. These players are truly making history and this is what makes me happiest. Today, any fan of this sport left the game a little bit of a Girona fan.”

Before the match, Michel had criticised his star midfielder Aleix Garcia for remarking that he would love to join Barcelona, but he admitted that ultimately they rallied in the face of his comments.

“It has been very good for us, to bring us together more,” Michel told MD.

“We must recognise the level of the players and we want to continue making history, because our ceiling tells us that we can still continue breaking barriers.”

The question exercising everyone in Spanish football is how long they can continue this run. However given Girona continue to perform even in the face of the biggest and most dangerous opponents, it’s hard to see them regressing to the mean that much. Only Alaves and Real Betis stand between Girona and the winter champions ‘title’.

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