Gabriel Agbonlahor defends United and England forward

Gabriel Agbonlahor has defended Manchester United star Jadon Sancho, whilst speaking live on talkSPORT about the situation.

Agbonlahor compared the situation, with how things were handled in his time playing, before he retired in 2018. He came out and said how managers would “protect” their players, even if they hadn’t been the best in training and games.

The ex Villa striker spoke about how Erik ten Hag could have handled things differently, saying something along the lines of “Jadon Sancho is not involved for tactical reasons” and referred to the handling of the situation as “throwing him under the bus”.

Sancho went as far as to pin the post on his X account (formerly Twitter) , which Agbonlahor saw as Sancho feeling strongly about this, feeling like he is training well and as if he is being “scapegoated”.

Agbonlahor finished his point by saying due to the nature of the situation, and Sancho feeling so strongly about it, “you have to hear from both sides” and ended off by saying “a player is allowed a voice as well”.

Sancho is set to hold “tense” talks with Manchester United, as the club are said to be unhappy with how the player has dealt with the situation.

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