Fresh ‘storm’ brewing for Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid as both ready for battle

For 15 long years, there was peace in Madrid. But last summer, Real Madrid decided they were ready for war again.

There was a pact of non-aggression between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in place that meant neither club would pursue the other’s players in the youth academies.

However Los Blancos broke that pact last summer in order to sign star right-back Jesus Fortea, bringing the 15-year-old to Valdebebas.

It means all bets are off for this summer and according to Relevo, it could be all out war between the two. Los Blancos supposedly have a minimum of four Atleti players that they want to poach from their rivals. Los Colchoneros have been attempting to seduce several talents from Real Madrid as a result.

Their information claims that the feeling at Real Madrid was that Atleti benefitted far more from the pact than they did. They are calm about the prospect of Atleti coming after their players, convinced they can retain them.

Institutional relations between the pair have not been good lately and this will only serve to heighten tensions in the Spanish capital.

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