France star tweets about masks

Kylian Mbappe has made light of his rather nasty injury by posting on X, formerly Twitter, to ask for mask recommendations as he prepares to get through the rest of Euro 2024 with a broken nose.

Mbappe was left looking pretty bloody and battered yesterday after a collision during France’s win over Austria, and it can’t have been easy for him sustaining such a nasty injury so early on in this summer’s big tournament.

Still, even if it might be painful and make him look a bit funny, Mbappe clearly isn’t too bothered and has asked his followers what ideas they have for masks he could now wear to protect his nose…

Mbappe won’t be the first or the last footballer to have to wear special protection like this, with Napoli’s Victor Osimhen one notable example of a current player who’s become accustomed to wearing protective gear over his face.

Thankfully it wasn’t anything more serious that could’ve really disrupted his tournament or even his big move to Real Madrid coming up later this summer.

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