First openly homosexual footballer reveals continued death threats

The first openly gay and active footballer, Josh Cavallo, has revealed that he still receives death threats online, more than two years on from making his sexuality public knowledge.

Cavallo, who plays for Adelaide United in Australia, came out publicly as homosexual in February of 2021, blazing a trail for other gay footballers to do the same. He was followed by Blackpool’s Jake Daniels, and more recently, Getafe and Sparta Prague midfielder Jakub Jankto.

While Cavallo has received widespread support online, has been praised for his actions, he has revealed to the BBC that the harrassment online continues to this day. Including death threats.

“They catch you when you least expect it.”

“And most of the time, I’m good, I’m OK, because it’s just someone’s insecurities. But sometimes, I’m at home on my phone and bang, it pops up, and it’s something you don’t really want to think about.”

“It’s hard at times because it’s been nearly two years now and there are still death threats being thrown my way. Is it acceptable? Of course not; it’s disgusting.”

However he did admit that he was aware that this was a price he know he would have to pay.

“But I know that, to pave the way for others in the world, I have to go through this. And I know who I’m doing it for, which is the people who are suffering in silence.”

Cavallo went on to describe the fact that everyday life was a large act before he was publicly out.

While football continues to take steps forward in terms of accepting the LGBTQIA+ community, there are also steps in the wrong direction too.

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