Federico Valverde’s partner breaks silence following Real Madrid star’s altercation with Alex Baena

On Sunday, Spanish football news has been dominated by an incident that took place between Federico Valverde and Alex Baena on Saturday night, following Villarreal’s sensational 3-2 over Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Valverde is reported to have punched Baena in the Bernabeu’s parking lot, following alleged comments from the Villarreal youngster towards the Uruguayan about his partner’s miscarriage scare earlier this year.

Baena has strenuously denied the allegations, and he could report Valverde for the altercation, which was witnessed by several onlookers. Villarreal have also stated that they have security footage of the incident.

Valverde’s partner, Mina Bonino, has now commented on the situation. Taking to Twitter (via MD), she hit out at the publicity that her miscarriage scare has received.

“I have to go out and give explanations of when they told me that my pregnancy could not continue? We were silent for almost two months, waiting for the results to know if we could continue or not, having already undergone FIVE months of gestation.

“In spite of everything, from my heart, I do not wish anyone to have to go through a similar situation. It’s the last thing I wish to be put in, but for me it’s torture to relive this. I understand that it was already public that something was happening with my pregnancy.”

Thankfully, Valverde and Bonino survived the scare, and her exasperation at its attention is certainly understandable. It remains to be seen whether Real Madrid or Valverde himself comment on the incident.

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