La Liga clubs threaten strike next weekend over new Spanish sports law

Embattled La Liga clubs to be given massive reprieve by salary limit relaxation

La Liga clubs threaten strike next weekend over new Spanish sports law

If reports are to be believed about changes to the La Liga salary limits, several La Liga clubs will be celebrating in their offices.

According to fresh information from MD, the rules will be changed from next summer. Currently clubs who do not fit within the league-stipulated salary limit, which is based on club income and expenses, are restricted in what they can spend.

Those clubs who exceed their limit are only allowed to use 25% of the money that they save on salary or make in transfer fees in order to recruit new players. It is commonly known as the 1:4 rule.

That will change from next summer. Those clubs will be allowed to use 40% of the money they save or earn in order to put towards new players.

This news comes after reports that several clubs had been lobbying for a relaxation of the salary limits. Barcelona are undoubtedly the most high-profile case struggling to fit inside their limits, while Real Betis, Sevilla, Valencia and Almeria all had issues registering players as a result or were forced into major sales in the summer.

That extra 15% will give those clubs far more margin for operating in the transfer market, which will no doubt please managers and sporting directors. It represents a first easing of the hard line that La Liga President Javier Tebas has taken on the matter, as he seeks financial stability for Spanish football.

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