David Sullivan reverting to type over manager chase

If there’s one thing that you can always guarantee with West Ham owner, David Sullivan, he’ll keep up the club’s long-held tradition of consistently making the wrong decisions.

The East Londoners have long wanted to be considered as part of London’s football elite, but they are barrow boys compared to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Ducking and diving their way through the transfer market for years, it seems that Sullivan is at it again with regards to the club’s potential search for a new manager.

David Sullivan isn’t sure which manager to hire at West Ham

When it was reported that Ruben Amorim had flown over from Portugal to discuss taking over from David Moyes, you could imagine the long-suffering Hammers faithful believing that – finally – their beloved club might be going places.

However, that notion was swiftly put to bed, and the less illustrious names of Julen Lopetegui and Paulo Fonseca have now entered the picture.

Neither manager are bad choices per se, though they’re not in Amorim’s league. Essentially, they’d fit right in with the Hammers modus operandi of always accepting second best.

West Ham United’s David Sullivan

Value for money is King at the London Stadium, so it’s a wonder that Moyes has managed to get his club into Europe over the past few seasons.

For all of his supposed negative football, he’s taken a relatively average bunch of players and got them performing well above their pay grade. For that he deserves immense credit.

Would Fonseca or Lopetegui be able to do similar? Hard to say at this point.

In any event, as inews report, both managers are candidates to take the AC Milan job, with Lille and Marseille also expected to fight over Fonseca.

The outlet also note that Sullivan will talk to Moyes about his position after the final game of the campaign against Man City, and it can’t be ruled out that the owner will try and tempt the Scot to stay on.

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