Carlo Ancelotti tells Paolo Maldini that Real Madrid will meet Milan in Champions League final

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti is starting to make a name for himself with his predictions, and his latest will bring a smile to the face of Madridistas.

Back in February, Real Madrid faced off against Osasuna in La Liga, with Ancelotti telling his opposite number Jagoba Arrasate that they would see each other in the Copa del Rey final. That will be the case on the 6th of May, after both made it through their semi-finals.

Milan Sporting Director Paolo Maldini has now revealed to La Reppublica (via Marca) that Ancelotti looked into his crystal ball for Real Madrid’s European campaign too.

“Do you know what the problem is? Ancelotti, who is now at Real Madrid, also has a pending issue in Istanbul. Immediately after the draw, he called me to say: ‘Paolo, See you in Istanbul, okay?’,” commented Maldini.

Ancelotti was in charge of a Milan side captained by Maldini in 2005, when they threw away a three-goal lead in the Champions League final against Liverpool. The Turkish city will once again host the event this year.

Continuing on, Maldini said he was optimistic about their chances.

“It won’t be easy, but I think the history of the club gives us the opportunity to believe in it. It’s happened before. When you get to March-April, when the Champions League comes around, you can turn a season into something incredible. We have this opportunity and we want to take advantage of it.”

Milan face Napoli in the quarter-finals, with Inter or Benfica awaiting in the semi-finals. Meanwhile Los Blancos play Chelsea this week, with potential clash against Manchester City or Bayern Munich in  the next round.

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