Borussia Mönchengladbach look to Ligue 1 for Manu Koné successor

With the future of midfielder Manu Koné unknown, Borussia Mönchengladbach have started to look for a potential successor for the 22-year-old reports Bild.

Gladbach are looking for midfielders with a similar profile to Koné, is relatively cheap and can come in at the earliest in January and at the latest in the summer. The 22-year-old had attracted interest from Liverpool in the summer and was close to leaving the club if it were not for a knee injury suffered during the under-21 Euros. 

Three candidates could join die Fohlen soon all come from Ligue 1. Both Papa Gueye (Marseille) and Ibrahima Sissoko (Strasbourg) are options who could join for cheap in January or if Gladbach waits can come on free transfers in the summer as their contracts expire in the summer. 

A more expensive option is Montpellier’s Joris Chotard who is a regular for the French side and has a contract at the club valid until 2025. Current Gladbach captain and former Montpellier goalkeeper Jonas Omlin is an advocate for Chotard joining die Fohlen. 

GGFN | Jack Meenan 

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