Barcelona hoping to claim uncredited league title after RFEF grant request of other Spanish clubs

For three seasons between 1936 and 1939, there was no action in the Primera Division due to the Spanish Civil War. Instead, the Mediterranean League was played instead, although it was not officially recognised by the RFEF.

As such, this meant that the title that Barcelona won in 1937 is not credited as being an official honour. However, club officials are hoping to change that after launching an appeal with the RFEF on Saturday, as per ESPN.

Barcelona requested in 2009 that their 1937 league win be credited, but this was turned down by Spanish football’s governing body. However, they had decided to ask again due to the RFEF granting Levante’s request to validate their Free Spain Cup win, which was also in 1937.

Like the Mediterranean League, the Free Spain Cup was not recognised by the RFEF, so Barcelona will cite this in their argument to validate their own title victory.

If Barcelona’s request is approved, they will move up to 27 league titles in Spanish football, which would put them just eight behind Real Madrid, with another one likely to be on the way by the end of this season.

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