Arrested Real Madrid players could be imprisoned for up to five years if found guilty – report

On Thursday, it was reported that three Real Madrid youth players had been arrested by the Civil Guard over an alleged case of revealing secrets of a sexual nature, with another having been questioned as part of the investigation.

Real Madrid confirmed that four of their players were co-operating with authorities over the matter, although they refused to commit further, with the situation being an ongoing one.

It is alleged that the trio were involved in the dissemination of a private video by WhatsApp, in which a minor was reportedly in said video.

Diario AS have reported on the possible punishment that the accused players could receive, with the worst possible outcome for them being at least five years of prison time.

“If the victim has not consented to the recording of the video, article 197.1 of the Criminal Code provides for a penalty of one to four years in prison and a fine of 12 to 24 months for whoever recorded the video. The sentence will be increased, according to article 197.3, with a penalty of two to five years in prison if, in addition to the recording, they have proceeded to disseminate the video. In both cases, these penalties will be increased if the victim is a minor (article 197.5 of the Criminal Code).”

The matter is still in its very early stages, and Real Madrid have already said that they will take appropriate action once they have received all of the facts.

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