24-year-old footballer dies after collapsing during a training session

Colombian footballer Guillermo Beltran tragically passed away at the young age of 24 after collapsing during a training session.

According to the report from The Sun, the Real Santa Cruz striker reportedly complained of dizziness and nausea before collapsing on Friday.

Despite immediate efforts from club staff to revive him, Beltran could not be resuscitated, and he tragically passed away while being transported to the hospital.

Real Santa Cruz announced his untimely death through a statement on their social media platforms.

Club director Adolfo Soria Galvarro recounted the devastating incident, stating (via The Sun):

“He was training as usual and then he collapsed. They tried to resuscitate him but he died as he was being moved to a clinic.”

Fernando Costa, president of the Bolivian Football Federation, extended his heartfelt condolences to Beltran’s family and assured both the club and the family of the federation’s support during this difficult time.

He also announced that there would be an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Beltran’s sudden passing.

The surge in medical emergencies in football in recent years

The tragic incident has brought attention to the increasing occurrences of sudden deaths and medical emergencies in football.

Instances of players collapsing mid-game have been on the rise in recent years, highlighting the need for increased awareness and preventive measures.

Luton Town captain Tom Lockyer, for instance, has experienced this frightening ordeal twice last year.

Lockyer collapsed during a Championship play-off match against Coventry back in May last season and again earlier this season during a match against Bournemouth in December, further emphasising the seriousness of the issue.



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